Will I receive feedback if I’m not successfully shortlisted for an award?

This is entirely up to the judge of each category and feedback is not guaranteed. However, if the possibility of gaining feedback has been discussed with the judge, feedback can be requested through the Steering Committee.

How long after I have submitted my application will I hear from the judges?

Our judges represent a cross-section of some of the most successful and respected businesses from across the Test Valley; consequently, each judge has their own unique judging method, reflective of their schedules. A selection of businesses may receive a personal visit, telephone call or email correspondence from each judge, but some may not. Once the judging process is complete, all applicants will receive an email informing them of the outcome.

When do tickets for the Gala Awards Dinner go on sale?

Tickets for the Gala Awards Dinner are available to pre-order once the application deadline has passed. If you are unsure of when this is, please email [email protected] and/or speak to a member of the Steering Committee. Please also see our Awards Timeline for more details of important dates.

How do I purchase a ticket for the Gala Awards Dinner?

By emailing [email protected] – detailing how many tickets you would like to purchase, your name, the business you represent and your contact details. An invoice will be sent to you and once payment is made, the ticket(s) will be posted out to you in advance of the event.

I’ve purchased my ticket(s) late or last minute; how do I collect?

If you have purchased your ticket less than 5 days before the Gala Awards Dinner, the Steering Committee will make it available for you to collect on arrival, at the event.

Is there a limit on how many tickets each business can purchase for the Gala Awards Dinner?

Not at all! Each business can purchase as many tickets as required. Although please be aware that tables hold between 8 & 10 guests.

My business is based outside of the Test Valley, but most of my custom comes from the Test Valley area, can I apply for an award?

If your business is based outside of the Test Valley, but the majority of your custom comes from the Test Valley area, you are eligible to apply for an award, providing you can prove your connections.

I’m interested in sponsoring the Test Valley Business Awards, how do I go about it?

Fantastic! The Steering Committee has created an array of sponsorship packages, which can be viewed here. However, if you’d like to support the awards in a different way, the Steering Committee is open to discussion, so please email [email protected].

I have a complaint, who should I contact?

If you have a complaint regarding the Test Valley Business Awards, please email [email protected]and the issue will be dealt with as quickly as possible.

I have applied for an award previously and was not successful, why should I apply again?

The Test Valley Business Awards is grateful to everyone who has taken the time to fill in the application form on behalf of their business! However, not everyone can be successful and we understand that this can be disappointing. For the most part, our Gold Sponsors (the judges) and their chosen categories change each year; if your business was unsuccessful last year, it could be successful this year!

Can I apply to multiple categories?

Of course! The Steering Committee encourages businesses to apply to multiple categories.